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We are one spot for your scientific software´s and solutions

Who we are

SciSpot specializes in supporting customers across all industry sectors that conduct research. Our mission is to help our clients navigate a complex technology landscape and bring value across the entire customer chain, from IT to end-users.

With software’s from the world’s top technology companies, SciSpot helps you implement your technology strategy, buy the right software at the right price, and manage and optimize your software estate.

We take care of your software while you focus on your research.

Our Services

We provide a wide array of software´s, Solutions and Services.



Need a helping hand or consultancy? We love to assist you with the best solutions for your research. Contact us today, we are happy to help!



We provide a series of different solutions in order to meet your requests. One Spot for Scientific Softwares.



Join one of our training classes and maximize your results. This will give you more time to other things, like your research! 


Many organizations over-spend on software by purchasing unnecessary software licenses. We help you consolidate and optimize your software estate to save you money.

How We Work



Everything starts with identifying your current and future software needs. We find you the right Tools in line with your level of expertise and ambition to grow your business. This helps you to leave tedious eveluations behind and instead focus on your research.



We make sure you have an optimized software portfolio by monitor your license types, versions and compatibilities. We assist you with reducing your software costs by offering various licensing modules and payment terms.



We got you covered with maintenance and support when you need a helping hand. Furthermore, we assist you to maintain your optimized software portfolio throughout your business investments and changes over time.

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