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Material Science

Micrograph particle analysis and materials characterization are fundamental processes in most materials laboratories that support manufacturing, research and development (R&D), or quality assurance and control (QA/QC). MIPAR software eliminates the margin for error associated with classic micrograph analysis by automating the image capture process and building-in custom data extraction protocols based on a powerful deep learning toolbox. The result is an advanced, tailor-made solution for fiber thickness analysis, grain size measurements, generic particle analysis, phase composition testing, and even defect assessments.






Life Science

Life science imaging often revolves around visualizing the invisible by employing fluorescent stains and sub-microscopic imaging techniques such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM). At MIPAR, we build custom analysis software packages to promote greater accuracy and efficiency when dealing with weak fluorescent signals or nanoscale particles in cell counting and viability testing, or in high-throughput virus identification. MIPAR life science imaging software solutions can also help scientists overcome long-established pain points in cellular assays, such as the bottlenecks in migration analysis, through advanced phase contrast and well plate imaging.



Phase Contrast/DIC



Drone Image & Surveying

Drones have proven to be a key enabling technology for the next generation of aerial photography and remote sensing, with a raft of existing applications across rural and urban environments alike. MIPAR software can accelerate the critical analysis of complex visual imagery and provide fully automated characterizations of specific regions of interest. For example: Our drone imaging software packages can provide detailed insights into woodland health by rapidly distinguishing the percentage of forested areas in an aerial image. We have also provided detailed image analysis software for extremely fine manufacturing inspections, helping process engineers to detect product defects at the smallest possible scale without direct operator intervention.


Remote Sensing



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